Making Music at Zen Studios, 24\7.

Whether you are a band, a solo artist, a producer, or a teacher, Zen Studios has a room that will fit your needs, 24/7. Each room is clean, spacious, safe, and well equipped for a range of musical activities, with PAs, amps, and microphones.
Our monthly rate includes all manner of amenities: electricity and heating, an internet connection, use of the lounge and kitchen area, bathroom, a storage room. This also includes the maintenance and cleaning of the studio.

Some of the rooms are also available on a day to day basis.

The Jungle Bar:

The studio is built around a community of talented artists, and the pillar of this community is our chill out room, the Jungle Bar, with its couch, kitchen area, internet access and printer, and Jerry, our fig tree. It is the first room you walk into as you arrive, and is the heart of our studio.

Volcano Lounge:

Our largest room, and the place that represents everything our studio is about. Music lessons, rehearsals, concerts, full band recordings, live streams. It all happens here!

For teaching and rehearsing
Suitable for bands

Ocean Lounge:

The studio’s central production room, able to connect its microphones to every other room of the studio, turning each one into potential recording spaces. This room is for producers to work in, either on pure creation or the production of a variety of projects.

For teaching and production
Suitable for solo artists and producers

Sunset Lounge:

The perfect room for rehearsing. Sunny and clean, bands share this space and its drum kit, amps, sound system, and couch to rehearse efficiently and comfortably. Once the songs are ready, the Sunset Lounge becomes the recording room where the producers in the adjacent Ocean Lounge can record the band.

For rehearsals
Suitable for bands and solo artists

Cloud Lounge:

Suitable for solo artists and small bands