Our Teachers: David Nichols

david, in the studioDavid Nichols

Contact me to discuss a lesson plan, rates, and schedules: thetinkertapes@gmail.com

My lessons will give you an overall view of every aspect in the creation of music, from writing and composition to mixing and finalizing. We will cover everything you need to craft your tracks at home or in the studio, from both theoretical and technical points of view.

The lessons are 2 to 3 hours long, every two weeks. My hands-on approach will give you access to a range of equipment (microphones, amps, synths…) and software (Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton), as well as the opportunity to listen to and improve upon your own music using the studio’s monitoring system. So bring your sessions!

About me:

After studying sound engineering at the ISTS in Paris, I toured Europe and recorded two albums with my band, Nelson. During that time, I worked in recording studios such Microbe Studios in Paris, and handled the live sound for various Parisian venues.

I developed a passion for DIY projects, and a belief that great things can be done with small means, through my band BSMS, with whom I played, toured, wrote, composed, arranged, recorded, mixed, etc. DIY do-it-all. Those skills are important today where few of us have access to high-end studios.

My more recent work includes arranging, recording, and mixing bands such as At Bay, Calaveras, or Rockinterviu.